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Slight error in Arabic course

There was no way for me to report this, so I am making a post in the forum. I hope that it will get the attention of the course creators. First off: thank you very much for all your time and effort!

On the section "university," when we are to read and listen to بيج and then click on the correct pronunciation, "biij" appears as an option twice. I.e. of the three options, biij is two of them. However, if you click on the "wrong" "biij" you get the question wrong. Not a huge deal, but it's clearly an error and should be fixed.

Otherwise, thank you for your hard work!

July 1, 2019



You might wanna report it. ^-^


I tried but there was no appropriate option and I did not see any place where we could write in a comment.


You're welcome ^-^


Cool link I’ve never seen! Thanks!


LloydGA, of course you can not find any appropriate option, because there's none in some lessons. Just as an example, in "You and Me" Level 3/5, Lesson 3/5, one can not find the option "My answer should be accepted". It simply doesn't exist. Instead one is shocked to find an option "my answer should NOT have been accepted." (capitalization mine). Amazingly funny. And it is not the only instance, there are many more. Hit the flag button and see for yourselves chaps. Maybe there's stg wrong with my Huawei cellphone?


saw this error myself and reported it in the app.


Upvoted so course creators might see it.


Good to know, thanks! Hopefully it's fixed before I get to it...

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