For those who have already tried the new tree.

Since it started the A/B testing (I didn't get it ofc) I was wondering a lot about how the new course was in terms of learning.

If you have already tried it could you give some feedback about your experience so far? Do you think you've improved your Japanese? What would you like to add to the course? Is it positive or negative your experience with the new course?

July 1, 2019


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I started learning Japanese when the original Duolingo course came out, about 2 years ago. I've completed it in a month.

Since then I've studied about an hour a day on average, learning the kanji and grammar using japanese sentences, all of that using Anki. I watched anime on sites like animelon and on Netflix with various extensions that help you learn. I've also read easy japanese news on NHK, very recommended! :

About a couple of weeks ago I got back to studying japanese with Duolingo since I noticed the new tree, and I must say that I really enjoy it! It is more of a review for me vocabulary wise, but constructing sentences in japanese really nails down my understanding of the grammar. I think you'll learn a lot with this course. I saw somewhere that this course teaches you about 1200 kanji and 2600 words, which is a lot compared to other Duolingo courses.

The new tree is a big update, considering that it's still useful for me after about 700 hours of studying on my own.

July 1, 2019

1200 kanji and 2600 words? I find that hard to believe, do you have a source?

I'm kind of in the same boat as you, finished the old tree a year and a half ago then continued studying on my own (not as diligently as you though, massive props for keeping that up). Just recently noticed there were new lessons on Duo, so I tested out as far as possible for laughs. Vocab-wise the new tree is a massive improvement, but regarding grammar I didn't think it's that much of a difference. Granted I got bored and didn't max out the crowns/levels/whatever it's called now, so maybe that's why.

July 1, 2019
July 1, 2019

Ah, thanks. That's a surprisingly high kanji-to-vocab ratio, interesting.

July 1, 2019

Are there any specific crucial elements of Japanese grammar you feel the new tree is lacking?

The new tree introduces conditionals; obligation; similarity & hearsay; listing multiple reasons with から, のに, ので, し; the potential, causative, and passive forms; honorific and humble keigo speech forms; casual speech; particle dropping; ...

To me it seems like the tree now covers pretty much all of the grammar taught in Tae Kim's guide. I still have quite a way to go in the new tree, because I had to make a new account for it and would rather wait to start the new tree properly on my main account; but, from what I've seen so far, I'd say the level of grammar the tree covers has doubled.

July 1, 2019

My comment on your post may be a little out of what you wrote about, it still is related.

You mentioned you didn't get the new course, same here. I have already finished the old Japanese tree (all gold) and would really love to start the new content already. Unfortunately those of us who are not among the chosen ones to be testing it cannot do it for now. And no one mentioned anything about when everyone's gonna have it or if there'd be an option for us to request it so they change it for us. I only remember Luke_5.1991 mentioning that if everything's okay, the A/B might be over sometime in summer. Still doesn't give us much information, I've been waiting for the new course for months already and yet nothing came up... So yes does anyone know anything..? I apologize for being so curious and maybe even annoying asking this question but still would love to get the new tree already. And I'm sure I'm not the only one waiting to receive it!

July 2, 2019

So far (I have not completed it yet), I like it a lot. I started learning Japanese roughly two years ago, but only discovered duolingo a few months ago. I mainly use duolingo to check what I learned elsewhere. The old tree was extremely easy and I finished it in two weeks by testing out. This is more entertaining and challenging, just like the reverse tree (that I also completed) but without the hassle of having to write directly in Japanese. I agree with toiyiot: it's great to practise sentence structure, revise kanji and learn the odd extra word.

July 1, 2019

the new tree is pretty rad. it gets into kanji much earlier and actively encourages their usage. before i was getting marked incorrect when i used the correct kanji in a written response as duolingo wanted me to use hiragana only. now i can actually put my kanji knowledge to use which is fun and much less frustrating. getting counted off for a correct answer was lame. the new vocab is also pretty neat theres a lot of words ive learned from here rather than my textbooks. overall the new tree is a solid upgrade over the old one and i feel for those who havent had access to it. its damn good.

July 2, 2019

So, the new tree is not bad. Honestly, it feels pretty much the same as the old tree, just with more options/greater breakdown.

So far, I have two real problems with the tree. It added new categories, which to me were derivative of previous categories. For example, the counting category. It shows me as having completed this category. The problem I have here is they introduced a lot of new counting things in this category that were never covered before, and I can now only practice as "review."

The second is the family category. It is kicking my a$$. This was the same problem as the previous tree's category for family. It is making the sentences way too complex for beginning learning. It spends absolutely zero time on vocabulary building. It is so far, the only lesson I have had any trouble what so ever with. I had it almost 100% completed with the old tree, and it completely reset with the new tree. I still can't tell the difference between all the familial words, let alone their use in the sentences. I guess each one until I finally get it right, which means a single run through can take me well over half an hour to complete, and no learning has occurred.

Overall, I feel that the Japanese lesson tree has also had one major draw back, not enough vocabulary building with each new lesson. It just dumps you right into complex sentence/grammar structure without ever building the vocabulary for it.

July 2, 2019

oh yeah the family lesson is kinda brutal but i am grateful because my mistakes taught me a ton of new stuff like counting humans and familial vocab. i do agree that vocab isnt a huge part of duolingo but every time they introduce new vocab you can mouse over the words to see the meanings. thats about the most you can do besides getting it wrong and seeing the answer lol.

July 2, 2019

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with duo. Is it ok if you tell me what the tree is

July 1, 2019

Your account has already been switched over to the new Japanese tree (tree 2.0), which has 92 skills. The last skill in your tree should say "Colloquial".

The old Japanese tree was much shorter with only 40 skills. The last skill in the old Japanese tree was "Olympics".

Not everyone has been switched over to the new tree yet. It's been being A/B tested for several weeks. Only something like 50% of users have the new tree.

July 1, 2019

I am currently not doing Japanese on Duo, but I still don't have access to the new tree every time I select the course to check. It still shows the original tree for me.

July 2, 2019

On my main account I haven't been doing the Japanese course either. I too don't have the new tree. I've never started the Japanese course on it, but I can check the A/B test values to see that it's still in the old tree group.

On my testmoogle account I've been doing the Japanese course for 800 days. It still doesn't have the new tree either. It's still on the old 40 skill tree. After 800 days having been doing this course, I'd really like it to be switched to the new tree sometime soon... XD

Before this A/B test began I had eight Duolingo accounts in total. Four of my accounts have the new tree; four of my accounts don't. After the initial A/B test began I created a 9th account, and this account had the new tree right from the start. (5 accounts have the new tree; 4 accounts have the old tree.)

As I said, it's only around 50% of users who have the new tree. There are about 5.88 million users of the Japanese course, so something like 2.94 million of these users will still be on the old tree right now.

July 2, 2019


July 1, 2019

I did not have time to do a lot in the old tree, but there is a lot more stuff on the new one. Sadly, at least 40% of the audio is not working for me since the update and it can get very annoying. Also, i don't know if it's related to the update but some skills are stuck or are progressing by only 1-2% on each lesson.

July 3, 2019

The new tree is a vast improvement. I moved through the old one too quickly and felt it got too repetitive. Now, this tree does get repetitive when you're trying to make the tree gold, but overall it has added more vocab and kanji to the course. I think some of the audio needs fixing and I could do with it not being so repetitive, but overall I'm pleased with it.

July 5, 2019
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