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"اِبْني عُمَر وَزَوْجي مَحْمود"

Translation:my son Omar and my husband Mahmoud

July 1, 2019



Are Mahmoud and Muhammad different names?


Yes but unfortunately the voice is pronouncing Muhammad rather than what is written - Mahmoud. I typed it as Muhammad a couple of times until I enlarged the font on my screen and could see the sukun. Whenever a consonant does not have a vowel, it receives a mark called a sukūn, a small circle which represents the end of a closed syllable (CvC or CvvC). It sits above the letter and no vowel should be pronounced. However, the voice on this does pronounce it which is confusing.


I'm wondering how this would differ if one were trying to say "My son is Omar and my husband is Mahmoud."?


Technically correct, but most people would assume the duolingo response (i.e introduction: here is my son omar and my husb... etc) I would say (for your sentence): اِبْني هُوَ عُمَر وَزَوْجي هُوَ مَحْمود. By adding the ' هُوَ ', which means he is, you basically say My son, he is Omar and my husband, he is Mahmoud. This is used when like, maybe, pointing out from a list of names, etc.


For Duolingo, as far as I noticed, complete sentences require a full stop. This exercise has no full stop, so you have to try an incomplete (verbless) sentence/phrase.


Too much! Duo is not accepting 'Mamoud' in any other spelling


I wrote Mahmood and get it wrong. This is not fair


The spelling Mahmoud is a French way of spelling it. In English just Mahmud or Mahmood would be more correct i think

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