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  5. "يا كَري هَل جودي زَوْجَتِك؟"

"يا كَري هَل جودي زَوْجَتِك؟"

Translation:Carrie, is Judy your wife?

July 1, 2019



One day this will be possible in the middle east <3


إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ‎ ! :)


Your statement hurts some people who understand the words even though you're just joking and got many likes / lingots.

But I guess you don't know the exact meaning and the consequence of this "إنشاء الله" as many arabs nowadays also just say these words as a part of culture without any deep understanding.


Interesting comment. I love this expression, because it is so ambiguous. It can mean "yes" or "no". Will you give me five bucks tomorrow? No, I won't, but I prefer to say Inshallah. Are you taking the day off to go visit your mother? Yes, I am, but I prefer to say Inshallah.


The word is a part of our pray. It means you totally give the result of any single effort to Allaah. We submit everything that will happen but after we do some effort even it's merely very little.

It's not ambiguous at all.

It's to nullify your promise's burdensome.

It's part of at-tawakal ilallaah. You can recite the tafseer of al Kahf verse 23-24 for the evidence.


إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ‎


All bad/evil things'll not happen. If they're occurred, they'll not give any harm inshaa Allaah.

Allaah the Greatest.


It's okay, they will be executed before they notice


Yes, Judy is Carrie's wife and Carrie is Judy's wife as well


Well said :)


Another typo today: I typed "July" instead of "Judy." I think I am tired.


أنت تعبان جداً


I got it wrong for saying "Hey Carrie..." and then the rest. I know 'hey' isn't needed, but is it incorrect when using يا before the sentence?


I guess Carrie knows who her wife is now.


Again and again, Duo?


What type of sentence is this???



It means: someone ask Carrie if Judy is her wife.

If it's true, then Islam have forbidden it from the start of the day until the end of the world. :)


More importantly, the Catholic Church has forbidden it. But you can write 'Barry' and it will be accepted.


JasperMay: Glad to hear that :) I hope "George" is also accepted

(People may downvote it, but forbidden things in Quran will still be forbidden. I am so sorry I couldn't change my faith or Quran)


I trust that no-one is asking you to change your beliefs. You are free to follow the Quran or any other god, deity or holy book, and to interpret it as you feel is right. In a similar way, I hope that Duo is not forcing us to enter into same-sex relationships. What is important - especially on a website such as Duolingo, where very different people come to learn each others' languages, is that we show respect to each and every person - and that includes their beliefs and their sexuality. You are against same-sex mariage? Fine. Judy and Carrie are married (together)? Fine too. As I read the various comments in this conversation, I find there are some that I disagree with, but that's also fine. There are others that are hateful - these are not acceptable.


Well, in "where very different people come", then we should use a more neutral statement that isn't hurting some others.

For example, when we use n#gr# term to call someone, then some people among us will be hurt. They may call it as racialism. A sensitive issue.


I don't think it's fair to compare use of a slur (which is deliberately harmful) to mentioning homosexual people.

I also don't think that mentioning homosexual people hurts you, or anyone. (Although you may dislike it, or take offense, that is not the same thing as being hurt.)




Ppl, Judy is still available to answer :"NO, SILLY BOY!"


When I hover my mouse over زَوْجَتِك it doesn't show me what it means even though I've never come across the word before. Is this supposed to happen?

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No. This is an error. Report it using the Report (flag) button. زَوْجَتِك is even highlighted in orange (for me, this time anyway) meaning even Duo doesn't think I've seen the word before. And even though we can work out what it means, Duo will still show hints for every word (or at least it intends to).


What? What kind of program do you have??? I don't have any different kind of highlights for new words or anything else! That is weird. (but lucky you!) Anyway, we HAVE already had the word زوجة before, and the ك on the end just makes it into possesive "of you." We just need to be aware of phonemes.


i think it has been corrected


Confirmation...with cuestion mark?? Huummmm


"Carrie is your wife Judy?" Is this wrong?


Is also correct English.


It's a different sentence structure. In the Arabic sentence, someone is asking Carrie whether an identified person, Judy (the subject of the sentence) is her wife. In your sentence, "your wife" is the subject. So the sentences are grammatically distinct. I'm not far enough in Arabic to know what your sentence would be written like in Arabic, but probably the word endings would be slightly different to indicate subject/object.


SyedAfzalh, NaiNaileper, The_Dutch_Girl:

In MSA/standard grammar, "Carrie, is your wife Judy? " will be:

يا كري، هل زوجتُكِ جودي؟

Yaa Carrie, hal zaujatuki Judi?

For "Carrie, is Judy your wife? ", it will be:

يا كري، هل جودي زوجتُكِ؟

Yaa Carrie hal Judy zaujatuki?

Note: writing " Carrie " should be "كَارِّي" or kaarriy (long ka). I don't know why Duo choose "كري" karriy with short ka.

And, the answer for this question should be "لا" no. I am sorry I couldn't change my belief.


الحمد الله


I guess I was wrong and Duo really intends to introduce a lesbian couple. Not surprisingly, both names are European. Arab lesbians have to hide their relationships which could never become formalized as marriages in the Middle East. Not for a hundred years from now, anyway.


Yes - I was just thinking that - we've seen Judy and Carrie formalise their commitment repeatedly in the past lessons, but no sign of Mahmoud and Zayd becoming each other's husband ;-)


Wow duo teaches me so much about the culture of the target language and would never misguide me in an attempt to pat themselves on the back~


Western names are clearly used here (although gay Arab people do exist).

Not sure in what sense you feel "misguided," but if you are parroting sentences without attending to meaning or context, the problem isn't Duo.


What this sentence mean??


Someone asks Carrie (female) if Judy (female) is her wife or not. It's a l#sb##n question.

لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله


Wh#t d##s l#sb##n m##n?


l#sb##n == #e##ia#


Totally confused about this sentence


I think they might have wanted to say Gary or Kerry as a man and not Carrie as a woman

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