"My sister is amazing."

Translation:أُخْتي مُمْتازة.

July 1, 2019

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الاصح ان نقول : أُخْتي مُذْهِلَة


What is the difference between "muzhila" and "mumtaaz"? What does "an" mean?


Muthhila (مذهلة) literally means amazing, originating from اذهال (to shock/amaze)

Mumtaaza would be much closer to "excellent". If I say something right in class, the teacher would then say ممتاز and move on. It's what you'd use to describe an object or a situation, for example a piece of steak. Not often used to describe people however, but it may happen occasionally.

An (ان) here is a particle (حرف) which I'd say is a close equivalent to "to" in English. E.g.

You can't say "it is better say amazing" but adding the "to" gives meaning to the sentence. "It is better to say amazing"


says no Muslims ever

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