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  5. "هُوَّ ابْنِك يا روزا."

"هُوَّ ابْنِك يا روزا."

Translation:He is your son, Rosa.

July 1, 2019



Debatable hahaha


These people have no clue who their children is


اِبْنُكَ-your(masculine) son اِبْنُكِ-your(feminine) son

Please fix it.


yes I agree هُوَّ ابْنِك يا روزا. is not correct


What is the difference in use between "ابْنِك" and "اِبْنَك"? For example:

  • اِبْنَك ذَكِيّ يا جورْج = Your son is smart, George
  • اِبْنِك سَعيد يا رانْيا = Your son is happy, Rania


If you use the browser version of duolingo, they talk about this in the tips section - the part of the word that denotes the noun belonging to someone else (the "your" bit) depends on whether you're talking to a man or a woman. The word ends in -ik if the person you're talking to is female and the word ends in -ak if you're talking to a male


The first is addressed to a man saying he is your son and the second refers to a woman saying he is your son

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