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  5. "Tamer is from Holland."

"Tamer is from Holland."

Translation:تامِر مِن هولَنْدا.

July 1, 2019



Holland is a region within the country. The state itself however is called "The Netherlands" in English.


Does "هولَنْدا" refer to the region or the country?


Native English speaker here. We call the country "Holland". We also use "The Netherlands", but I'm seeing that used more now than I did when I was growing up. Until I was an adult, I only heard "Holland". English is not the only language that calls "Nederland" "Holland", or a variation there of.


In Arabic it refers to the country. However, in English the correct translation should be The Netherlands.


Hi, in French language we can use both "Hollande" (pronounced Holland) and "Pays-bas" to refer to the country. Interesting isn't it ?

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