"كَيْف اَلْعَمَل؟"

Translation:How is work?

July 1, 2019

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Why is "How is the work" wrong, when there is ال in the work..... أخخخخخ


For anyone who is wondering about the meaning of the آخخخخخ expression, it means "Ugh" or "Yuck".


Thank you, Away54. Is it pronounced with a prolonged خ ? As opposed to ههههه , where each ه represents a syllable?


Many thanks for responding, MarkusKeto, to what might seem to be a trivial question (of course I don't think it is). But would you say it expresses disgust, as in yuck, or rage? or despair?


Because you can't say "How is the work" in English. We say "How is work".


You can : I might say 'I hate my new job, colleagues are unfriendly and it's too far away'. You could ask '(but) how is the work?'


Because in English we don't say 'How is the work?', we say 'How is work?'. Work in this sense doesn't have an article (the) and to give it one would alter the meaning and make the translation incorrect.


Agreed; maybe كيف is only "how" in reference to a person and not to a object or something


When we ask a person, How is work? It is tacitly implied that we are asking about his or her work. Therefore, How is YOUR work? is correct and should be accepted.


Wouldn't that be كيف عملك?

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