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Pronunciation on the Arabic course

Hi! I live among Arabic speakers and I learned a bit to speak Arabic before i started the Doulingo course (i didn't learn how to read), and the pronunciation in the course sounds to me a bit weird.

I know there are different dialects for different places where people speak Arabic (Egyptian, Moroccan, Syrian, Lebanese...) so I was wondering what dialect are the words in the course pronounced with.

Can somebody recognize? or is it just wrong?

July 1, 2019



MSA: Modern Standard Arabic ^-^


Oh that's what we call "literary Arabic"


What's it called in Arabic? فصحة?


العربية الفصحى


جزاك الله خيرا


الله معَاك


Pronunciation weird. I agree. They appear to have problems. One of which is that (I think) they have quite failed to distinguish between short and long vowels. The girl's name Rosa comes out rather strangely. In using roman script to try and pronounce the name I think I would write Rsaa. It is not possible to pronounce the English "o" in Arabic as we do - it does not exist. So treat it as a short vowel (i.e. just use the mark for the "oo" short vowel above the "R" and then miss out the "o" altogether? Next, in the Arabic spelling of "Rosa", they have finished with the Arabic letter "aa" (a longish vertical stroke) and it sounds OK. BUT many girls names when spelt in English end in "ah" which to my ear sounds the same as the "aa" but from memory in Arabic is written like the English "a" rotated vertically around 180 degrees. Finally I do not think they used the Arabic letter "s", but rather "z". So, 3 mistakes in the one word? Another problem is that Judy sounds to my ear like Juday and should have been written in Arabic with the "ee" sound (has 2 dots underneath).
The Arabic voice pronouncing "and" surely sounds like nothing - should sound like "wa".

But I am not an Arabic speaker. Ian.

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