"Are you siblings?"

Translation:क्या तुम भाई-बहन हो?

July 1, 2019

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Kya ve bhaaii-behen hain? Would this also be correct?


That would be 'Are they siblings?'


what about "kya aap bhaaii-behen hain"? It should be better than "क्या तुम भाई-बहन हो"


That would also be right. Both आप and तुम can be used for either a single person or multiple people.


i've always thought that tum is strictly singular


You'll often see तुम लोग to address a group of people that are on the "तुम" level of respect with you (for example, classmates or friends) but it's kind of like saying "You folks" in English. The "folks" part is optional.

It's not like many European languages where the plural form is the same as the singular respectful form. If both the brother and sister are friends or otherwise on a casual level with you, it'd sound weird to suddenly refer to them with आप just because you were addressing them both at the same time.


Most of the time, they are used to refer to a single person and तुम लोग/आप लोग (literally, 'you people') used for groups. But it is not wrong to use just तुम/आप for multiple people.


Tum can be used for plural as well. The difference between Aap, Tum and Tu is the level of respect you are giving to the person(s) you're speaking with. Tu is not recommended at all.


How to say if we are asking towards two sisters?


क्या तुम बहनें हो?


Shouldn't is be तुम / आप लोग since siblings is plural = you cannot make the subject singular here, correct ?


It is indeed plural because we're addressing two people. The लोग is common, but optional, and more often than not is being used to nudge the language learner to construct a plural sentence. :) Both तुम and आप can be either singular or plural without need for a modifier.

Also what's been said by pilchat about तू is not correct; it is not a singular version of तुम. Don't use तू unless you know exactly what you're doing. In most contexts it'll be an insult.

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