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  5. "شَيْء كَبير"

"شَيْء كَبير"

Translation:a big thing

July 1, 2019



Is this translation acceptable: something big ?


Absolutely yes. Should be acceptable. I hope they will fix it soon.


Thats what i put, too. It seems acceptable to me, but for me it was also marked wrong.


Large thang?


Why no ة at the end?


Shay2 is masculine (male), so it takes a masculine adjective. That letter, called a ta marbuta, makes adjectives feminine. Without it, it's masculine


Sorry, struggling w/ the grammar, is this right? إنه شيء امرأة vs. إنه شيء رجل (it's a woman thing vs. it's a man thing). شَيْء is masculine, but adjectives can be masculine or feminine? Any advice on a good online dictionary & grammar reference?


The adjective has to match the grammar. What you're doing is called a genitive construction, where one noun modifies the other (e.g. "biology teacher," "boy's book"), where the nouns' genders don't have to agree.

For grammar, I happen to like the Transparent Languages Blog, which you can search by adding " site:blogs.transparent.com" after a Google search. As for dictionaries, I love Wiktionary for its ease of use and understanding, but for a more technical and traditional dictionary search up the Wehr dictionary.


Does "shay2" means thing or something, or both?

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