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  5. "أَيْن وِلايَتَك يا مايْك؟"

"أَيْن وِلايَتَك يا مايْك؟"

Translation:Where is your state, Mike?

July 1, 2019


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أين وِلايَتُكَ


Oh no! Mike has misplaced his state


Is this state as in country?


I think "state as in country" is usually دَوْلة -- as a nation-state political entity etc. -- see Wikipedia article in English on the UAE for example and note the Arabic version of the UAE's full name --


In America the country is divided into areas called States (Mississippi, Missouri, California). Asking where the State is means asking whether it is East Coast, Southern etc. Hope this helps.


Frankly, the americocentricism in this unit is really annoying. For one, the choice of examples is pretty limited and dull. More problematically, the administrative structure of the us (state/county/city) differs from that of other countries (eg regional examples: egypt (governorate/region/city) saudi arabia (region/governorate/subgovernorates) lebanon, syria, jordan, iraq (governorate/district/city), iran (region/province/county/district/city)). This poses a problem if eg you want to say انا من بلدة جدة في منطقة مكة في مدامرة المنطق الحجاز, none of which are terms taught here.

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