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  5. "That car does not exist."

"That car does not exist."

Translation:Ese coche no existe.

April 15, 2013



Why is it ese coche, what is wrong with eso carro?


Ese carro is fine and so is ese coche, ese auto, etc.

It must be ese because ese is the masculine form, and eso is the neuter form.


Thanks for clarifying. So If I just point at the car and say "Eso no existe", is that right?


Grammatically, I guess it is... But how can you point at something that doesn't exist? :þ


Why not "aquel"? How can you be more distant than not existing?

For example, I found this:

¿te acuerdas de aquella bicicleta que te regalaron cuando cumpliste diez años? Do you remember that bycycle that they bought you when you turned ten? (aquella is used because the bicycle no longer exists, and it is from the distant past)

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