"In February I wear gloves."

Translation:A febbraio metto i guanti.

April 15, 2013

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Does "metto" really mean "I wear"? I would have thought that in order to use metto, you would have to put ON gloves (metto sui guanti?), but that still isn't "wear" in the strictest sense.


Yeah "mettere" is normally "put" or "put on"; "mettere sui guanti" means to put something on top of the gloves, "mettere su i guanti" to put the gloves on top of something (in this case 'su' means the direction 'up'). To wear should be "indossare" (formal) or "portare" (informal); "a febbraio porto i guanti" would be correct depending on the context (it could mean "i bring the gloves" too). In this case the speaker might mean that he/she puts on gloves when going out during that month, so it works in Italian.


Thank you for such a clear explanation. I am quite new and English grammar is hard enough for me! LOL! I noticed that "metto" was not a choice when I hovered over the word. I was only given the choices of indossare and porto. Next time I will use metto, but it is difficult to learn the words if they don't have the proper hint available.


Could you please explain why we used A instead of In


You're always helpful. Molte grazie!


Good explanation. Can I also add that there is a verb 'Vestire'..to dress, dress up or wear...Mi sto vestendo...I am getting dressed.


Could somebody explain why it is "A febbraio" instead of "In febbraio"?


I third that. I'm confused with "a" versus "in"


They're derived from Latin prepositions, of course, but here is an overview that discusses some nuances: https://www.thoughtco.com/italian-vocabulary-italian-calendar-months-4087628


I used "In febbraio" and it was correct


it just is that way - some things aren't the same in Italian as they are in English


An explanation would be very welcome. I don't get this.


A or in ....it makes no difference. BUT A agusto ...A aprile etc sounds bad and best to use... in Aprile. Indossare is the verb to wear,


If a month ends in a vowel, you use "ad": ad agusto, ad aprile


The tips for this section explains that "a" & "in" are the same thing before months


I believe it's just an idiomatic thing...the preposition used when saying 'in a certain month' is 'A'. It's the same with countries. To say 'I go to Italy' you use 'Vado IN italia', not 'Vado A italia'. But with cities you DO use 'A'.....'Vado a Roma'. You can't translate word for word...you have to learn the syntax. It takes time..you'll get it!


Why not porto? Metto seems wrong.


Why isn't metto (or the verb mettere) in the drop down to assist the beginner-student?


"metto i guanti"? "I put" the gloves? If it were 'In February I put gloves on', I could see this making sense. But 'I wear gloves' = "metto i guanti" is very confusing. Maybe they should reword the English version.


7 clues under the word 'wear' and not one is even close to metto!


That ones a bit dumb! The drop down said porto for wear and then it was metto which i thought meant put.


Why isn't "indosso" accepted?


I used "Indosso guanti a febbraio" and it was accepted as correct. 3rd December, 2018.


The HINTS are WRONG!!!!


When all the suggestions under the word 'wear' are everything BUT the option (metto!) given to you. Nice going Duolingo........ :/


I put "A febbraio io metto i guanti" and is corrected to "… mi metto …". Why "mi"?


Mettere means 'to put'. If you just write "Io metto i guanti", you're only saying "I put the gloves." In Italian, to indicate that you are putting the gloves on yourself (as opposed to on your daughter, or on the dresser, for example), you need the indirect object "mi". You have to write "Mi metto i guanti", or literally, "I put the gloves on myself." (In Italian that indirect object usually goes BEFORE the verb.) Does that help???


"mi" indicates, like previously said, something you do to yourself. This is applied to a lot, even waking up. "Mi sveglio" would be "I wake up" (with an aid such as an alarm clock). "Mi chiamo.." would be "I am called.." etc. It's more like memorisation for the most part, though.


I couldn't think of the word 'metto', so I hovered the curser over the word 'put' and the first choice it gave me was indosso but it marked me wrong? Why give out incorrect words?


I did correctly exactly as your answer but it marked wrongly.


A Febbraio porto i guanti - is this not correct? I wear. If not, why not?


In February I put the gloves, esse! Vatos Locos forever!


Is metto means put too?


Could this also be "A febbraio porto degli guanti"?


Degli Would Not Be Accurate, As 'Guanti' Doesn't Start With A Vowel, A 'Z', Or 'S'+Consonant, So It Should Be Dei.


Why "Porto guanti a febbraio" is not correct?


The verb is definitly not what i expected... And yes ... The use of in versus A is confusing


I speak english and spanish and i translated wear with ... Uso... Confused


Mettere is 'to put', not wear... Why metto?


Incorrect: metto is to put - should be indosso from indossare (to wear)

[deactivated user]

    indosso means "I wear" Metto means "I put"


    How about 'a febbraio porto dei guanti'?


    To wear: the word use came tp my mind


    This is so annoying that metto means to wear in this, instead of porto. The sentence doesn't say "In February I put on gloves".


    Surely 'I wear gloves' and 'I put on gloves' are two different things?

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