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  5. "kāna moʻopuna"

"kāna moʻopuna"

Translation:her grandchild

July 2, 2019



What's the difference between "kāna" and "kona"?


In another thread, someone posted a link to a helpful Ka Leo ʻŌiwi video about the two categories of possessives, Kino ʻŌ and Kino ʻĀ:

The part about Kino ʻŌ and Kino ʻĀ starts at about 5:40 into the video and goes 'til 11:40 :)


This video really just muddies the waters. The "rules" are briefly described, then they display a bunch of items (primarily clothes and thus the same) and explain how each of them might use a different Kino for some finicky reason... but some do, some don't. No consistency. No demonstration of why.

Then they list a couple of exceptions.

That video didnt help me at all.

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