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  5. "a cold garage"

"a cold garage"

Translation:كَراج بارِد

July 2, 2019



'A cold garage': I answered with 'بارِد كَراج' how was that wrong? Doesn't 'كَراج بارِد' mean 'garage cold' or 'the garage is cold'?


Much like in the Spanish language, the Noun adjective structure is reversed. so where in English we would say "Cold Garage" you would switch the noun's and adjective's places and it would read in Arabic as "Garage Cold" or كَراج بارِد.


A cold garage means = كراج بارد and that was the right answer but..... some of you say that they answered = بارد كراج and they think that was right but in arabic it doesn't make sense it is as if you write (garage cold) example: a fat cat قطة سمينة قطة : cat سمينة: fat hope you understand


You switched the words, it dose but you flipped the words you said" cold garage, in arabic you flip the words. I know its confusing


In my opinion. When we click on the underline words If we hear its' words of the sounds ,This couse becomes more instructive.


Good point! I’ll remember to do that even on the questions I get right.

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