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"That doctor's service is good."

Translation:Layanan dokter itu bagus.

July 2, 2019



Difference between bagus and baik?


No, that isn’t the difference at all — sorry but it’s not that simple. BOTH “nice” and “good” are valid translations of both “baik” and “bagus” in many many contexts.

Check out the great link below posted by @RyanJustin2


why is pelayanan dokter itu bagus not correct ?


Not wrong, but this section aims to teach the structure -AN. Elsewhere in Duo we have the following: Pelayanan yang buruk itu juga dialami oleh mereka. That bad service was also experienced by them. (PE-AN structure).


Ggrrr... Sorry to get annoyed Duolingo, but why are there still basic sloppy errors in these lessons?

I was marked wrong just for using past tense! Reported.

“Layanan doctor itu bagus.” = “That doctor’s service was good.”

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