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Reclaiming old student account

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I set up a student account for my daughter 2 years ago, and now that she's older she wants to use it again but we've forgotten her password. I've reset it a couple of times under Manage Student, but when she tries to log in the new password is invalid. How do I get her going again?

July 2, 2019


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The issue is that she doesn't have her own email account. (She's 8.)



3) .... send us a bug report (make sure you select "I cannot access my account" from the drop-down menu). We can then try to clear blocks that may exist on our end


However, is it worth it to use the two years' old account of your 8 years old daughter?

  • I would prefer her to start from the very beginning.

  • The Educators forum contains many complaints about issues concerning students without personal email address.

Give her a personal email address

The email addresses can belong to a parent, teacher or language learner, so adults can choose to be in control of the account or even keep it anonymous if they reach that agreement with their student.

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