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July 2, 2019



Does the word jIvvo' here have anything to do with the verb jIv and noun suffix -vo'?


Officially, no. Though it is quite possible that Dr. Okrand created that word by thinking that villainy only comes from ignorance.


Okrand never makes words like that. It's more likely jIvvo' is some linguistic/pop culture pun we haven't figured out yet.


I believe jIvvo' is one of the words that had to be created to match lip movements already recorded (and played backwards?) in STID, with the distinction between it and HeSwI' backfit later. Perhaps someone can find the reference.


Here it is. It's not the backwards one.


HIja'. ghaH vISammeH was filmed, but they changed the subtitle, so Marc had to make it jIyI'. ghach jIvvo' naH which doesn't even match too well, as there's no labial to line up with the mm. I just remember seeing it in the theatre and having to disappoint the person who took a Klingon speaker with them so they wouldn't miss anything.

Not that there couldn't also be a pop culture reference. Marc is cunning that way.

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