"Where is your house, Sam?"

Translation:أَيْن بَيْتَك يا سام؟

July 2, 2019

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It should be "بيتُك" instead of "بيتَك" according to Arabic grammer.


yeah the official grammar should be بيتُك


So I've been doing it wrong all this while? :(


It seems like: Duo uses some dialects that are familiar in some Arab countries. But, I am not sure.

In short, if we follow the standard Arabic grammar for the above statement, "where is your house, sam?" is "2aina baituka yaa sam?"

أين بَيْتُكَ يا سام؟

Update: I am sure now that Duolingo doesn't teach us 100% standard Arabic but is mixed up with some dialects, it is said in their official blog.


Hey Duolingo, it is nominative بيتُك, not accusative بيتَك ! Thank me later. ;)

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