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  5. "Mein Teller ist schwer."

"Mein Teller ist schwer."

Translation:My plate is heavy.

June 9, 2014



Would this also work as a German equivalent to the English phrase "I've got a lot on my plate?" when we talk about having a heavy workload? Or is this only applicable to literal plates?


This sentence is talking about a literal plate.

An equivalent to "I've got a lot on my plate" would be "Ich habe viel um die Ohren."


Hard is not a correct translation for schwer?


"Hard" can be a translation for "schwer" but only in the context of "difficult".
The test was hard [difficult] (schwer). - Die Prüfung war schwer.
The rock is hard [solid] (hart). - Der Stein ist hart


I would disagree with "dish" being round. I am a native English speaker also, from the upper Midwest of the United States (Minnesota), so maybe it's a regional thing, but if I have a square or rectangular item that food is baked in, it is called a dish. This is where we get "hot dish" for our food where I believe most of the country says "casserole". I would be interested to hear if others from the US say "dish" only for round holders.


We have this different aspect in portuguese language too. Plate and dish, in the end, are the same thing, BUT, have different meanings. I guess dish (at least in portuguese) is more formal. You can use dish when you say you are giving a dinner, for example. and I think in german is the same thing. Hope I could help.


A dish is a plate to me. A dish can also be a serving dish which is put in the center of the table. But it's not at all the same as a bowl.


Why is "dish" wrong? It's a synonymous of "plate". Example: wash dishes...


Dish is "Gericht", not "Teller"


As a non-native english speaker, I would like to ask you the difference between "plate" and "dish".


Sure! Both a dish and a plate are round, but a plate is usually flat, whilst a dish is more like a bowl. They are both used to eat in, but dishes can also be used to put fruits and other foods for display purposes.

I also suggest looking at this Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJJNgdjSalM

Hope this helps! :)


Thank you so much, IsabelleMay! I guess in Italy we don't have an appropriate word for "dish", because we always specify which kind of "dish" we are talking about ("piatti piani" = plates, "piatti fondi" = "dishes for serving soups", and so on)


You're very welcome! :)


The word could also be used for a type of food. "My favorite dish is lobster." Dish can be used for any table wear, especially when used collectively. Plates, cups, and bowls are dishes, and after a meal, you "wash the dishes" (or "do the dishes") when you clean them, whether they are plates, cups, bowls or something similar.

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