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July 2, 2019



Anyone else really wish they wouldn't use "Duo" in these sentences...?


Wouldn't this be pronounced as du-uu? So a short "du" because the د has this ُ above it, and then a long "uu" (or "wuu") because the first و is so to say prolonged by the second و. Right? The way she says it here I feel like it would have to be دُوُ?


Hiw would you write "Duo"? Writing systems for one language will always struggle to represent sounds not in that language.


I only hear "du".


I hear du-woo


And I was so curious where we would use double و


The idea is that in Arabic the vowels e and o do not exist. In Arabic there are only three vowels: a, i, u (however, sometimes "a" is pronounced like "e"). So, words like Duo cannot be written in Arabic. That's why there is a double و: the first one is the u (dUo) and the second one is the closest vowel to the sound "o" (duO).


But what about the دُ? Wouldn't it already do the sound for the "u" in "du"?


Maybe it's more like "duwo" so du-w-w


I think you're right. However, with the smartphone I just can type دو or دوو. The same occurs with the Hebrew keyboard.

Who knows if the Duolingo is taking this technical limitation?


I'm confused. I get the first part, "duu", but is the last waaw acting as a 'uu' or a 'w' here? "Duuuu" seems nonsensical, so does that mean it's "Duuw"?


There is no [o]. So the first letter دُ is for "du", the second و for "w" and the last و for "u" again, which would make "duwu", something like "Duo".


Do I need to learn to how to say "Duo"??? Doesn't seem important right now?


Now I know how to write Duo in Arab


Has auto correct been getting to anyone latley because when i type duo it changes it to "do u", why? And why is the autocorrec feature not working here on the comments section? If duolingo did this then why here and not on the lessons which are more important?


Some people might think i am copy and pasting this as spam but i am just trying to get doulingo attention. ps i am not actually the duolingo admin i just named my self that

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