"Tamer is Syrian American."

Translation:تامِر أَمريكِيّ سورِيّ.

July 2, 2019



Shouldn't the countries be the other way around in Arabic if you're trying to say someone is Syrian-American? The Arabic version makes it sound like they are American-Syrian. Please explain the concept if I'm wrong. Thanks.

July 2, 2019


Adjectives are sort of reversed in Arabic, so:

Tamer is American تامر آمريكي

Tamer is Syrian American تامر أمريكي سوري

Mind you, common usage also comes into play here...

July 8, 2019


Yeah, Arabic adjectives follow their nouns, so when there's multiple adjectives, the order ends up being the mirror image of the English order

July 11, 2019
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