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  5. "وَلَد عَرَبِيّ"

"وَلَد عَرَبِيّ"

Translation:an Arab boy

July 2, 2019



Indefinite nouns like (a boy or an Arab boy) are pronounced as a characteristic of indefiniteness. This process is called Nunation however it is expressed only in vocalized text. Vocalized text you usually find in the Quran and in some textbooks, never in newspapers. The special Nunation-marker in vocalized texts is called Tanwin ( a double dhumma-marker. In this example walad states a case nominative so the sound-pronountion is 'waladun' , in case genitive 'waladin' and in case accusative it would be 'waladan'. HTH Zakaria


I see "walad Arabi (3rabii)" but I hear "waladun." This is also something I hear from the podcast "Learn Arabic with Sam." I don't understand why.


+1. I hear lots of UN between many words but these UNS are not written. Does anyone know what they mean and if they are mandatory. And if so, how do we know when to use them or not?


Can anyone explsin please why do we often hear the 'oon' sound between words although it does not written?


because there are sertain lines witch make it tighter or lighter in sound


i wrote son but it said that it is sopussed to be boy but the girl is daughter instead of girl

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