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"لا أُحِبّ اَلْكَلام مَعَ أَبي."

Translation:I do not like talking with my father.

July 2, 2019



It may literally translate as 'with my' but in English people don't really say that. Translation is all about converting the meaning aswell as the best equivalent in the target language so 'to my' should also be accepted.


Actually, both "talking with" and "talking to" are perfectly valid American English. Some people like to maintain a distinction where "talking with somebody" is when you both talk in good faith with no motive but entertainment or sharing information, whereas "talking to somebody" is when you dominate the conversation and use it as an attempt to resolve an issue you have with the other party.

I don't like talking with my father = I don't like chatting with him about random things.

I don't like talking to my father. = I don't like resolving conflicts with him through confrontation.


But is there a difference in the Arabic construction for those sentences? If there is, then fine, but if both "talking with" and "talking to" are the same in Arabic, then both translations should be accepted.


That's the point I'm arguing. Read before commenting.


my autocorrector is causing errors. must look atte each word and it sastres time. e.g. at>atte. wastes>sastres. idk where those words come from.


Ok what doea ma3a really mean? About, from, with ... I'm confused.

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