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Hindi - stuck on "Tap The Pairs" - bug/defect

When learning Hindi letters I cannot complete my current lesson.

I get to the "Tap The Pairs" screen and the last "pair" remaining is either an error (doesn't match) or Duolingo will not accept the entry.

This has been going on for several days now.

I have screenshots saved on my phone and I would be happy to share if anyone at Duolingo reads this and would like more details please contact me.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

July 2, 2019



You can report this bug along with screenshots at https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Hopefully, it's resolved soon.


Ok, I submitted one today.


Hi, the problem still persists one month later.


Same here, the only way to progress to the next level is to take the test. Happened on quite a few lessons now.

Edit: it also seems like using the web version you can also bypass the bug and get to the next level.


Thank you for that feedback!


Same problem here!


Problem has been ongoing for more than 8 months, very disappointed at Duolingo team


There may be an issue with the app itself. I have the same issue when using the app. However, this time I went to the website and did the same level but there were no issues and I was able to pass it. This appears to be a work around until the app issue is resolved.


Problem still persists


It does not exist when doing it online. Finish those lessons on the website and then continue on the app.

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