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Arabic course - separating learning the alphabet from vocab, grammar

I was SO excited when Arabic was finally added to DuoLingo! I know it is just beta, and I hope they take our suggestions to make it better for the final version.

I was excited to expand my vocabulary and practice grammar, but it looks like the focus is mainly on learning the alphabet. I think that should be a separate skill, so that those of us who already know the alphabet can test out of it. It is so frustrating to skip over the lessons marked "alphabet" and click on a lesson marked "descriptions" - and then get three rounds in a row of matching Arabic script to English script!

TLDR: I hope they update it, so that the focus on alphabet is just in the lessons marked "alphabet", and all the other lessons work with vocab and/or grammar!

July 2, 2019



Hear hear. I don't understand why they don't teach more vocabulary.


Although I defend their choice to take things slow and focus on the alphabet and sounds in the beginning, I completely agree that it seems strange that even in later topics you get more lessons dedicated exclusively to the alphabet. Duolingo has the ability to refresh previous topics by either working on the next level or just using the practice function--there is no reason to formally include alphabet practice in later lessons.


I signed up for Duolingo /mostly/ to learn the alphabet, but I also wished they were seperated - I picked up the alphabet way faster than the vocabulary, and it felt like the course would hand me one new letter and then like three new words, and I'd pick the letter up in one round but I'd keep having to come back for the vocabulary. And when I came back for the vocabulary, I'd have to match letters again.


Yes, it feels so right to separate them. That's a pity not many people agree, if the upvotes are any indication.

I'm a newbie, but even for me it would make much more sense. Because, yes I need to practise reading and writing, but this is separate from the need to learn the new words.

I would much prefer to have my own say in when I practise what.


I second this! I was so excited to see the arabic course ready- I just want to speak to my patients and have ABSOLUTELY no plans to learn the alphabet! So I had to click through these dumb alphabet lessons only to learn descriptions is also only alphabet. Why can´t the course start with a the usual pictures and "click on the women"... :-(

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