"You are very weird, David."

Translation:أَنْتَ غَريب جِدّاً يا دَوود.

July 2, 2019

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please dont translate names.. that will only lead to confusion i guess??


Fluent native Arabic (Egyptian) speaker here, wanted to test the site first in my own native tongue.

This one is problematic for two reasons: First, int (or you) is conjugated with an A at the end for masculine and I for feminine, usually it's the other way around but for int (you) it'll be:

inti: (f) inta: (m)

The problem is the 2 options are "inti" (wrong gender for david), and I forgot what the other option was but it was not "inta" which would have been correct.

Next thing is arabic speaking countries to do not have the letter V, 99% of the time it is replaced with F, not W.

However, David religiously speaking is translated as "Da3ud", (the 3 being the same sound as 3ain or eye) however this is an exception to the rule and is not a good example since it teaches the wrong way to replace letters not found in the alphabet. If David followed the normal rule is would be translated into "D(ah)fed" or Dafeed"


yeah, had the same doubt about أنت, where, for me, the only available option was vocalized with an "i". I also pretty often had the feeling that Carrie was sometimes masculine and sometimes feminine (should be feminine for all I know), but at that time I was still a bit more uncertain. Since this course is still pretty new, they still have to work out some kinks. And I also hope they expand it, because right now I am roughly on the level of the 2-weeks intensive course I took ages ago and am almost done. I hope eventually this course would take me at least as far as the Russian course but, of course, most people working on this are volunteers I guess, and considering that, their effort is nothing short of astounding already. As it is, I feel I have a solid base for reading stuff (although it still takes me ages, but that is to be expected and can only improve with practise), but feel very shaky in terms of spoken language, since working out the nuances between the slightly different ways of the consonants (all the H and R sounds, especially) is a real challenge and needs repetition in vivo.


داوود .ارجو تصحيحه


Has David met Carrie yet? They might be a good match.


The name David (Dawud) is spelled wrong .. it's written "داود" or "داوود"


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته، الحمد الله


Frustrated - can't seem to print vocabulary to memory.


It's hard the way this app is set up by just throwing new words at you. Try to figure out some way you can associate the new word by things you already know. Like if it sounds similar to a word in English.


The dictionary under the "more" button at the top of the page is helpful


In fact, I think they "throw" new words very gradually. Since my last post on this thread, I realized I was going too fast. Much more secure now.


We add (ة) to the singular feminine in adjectives only, for example, she is beautiful, she is smart, but in the masculine singular we do not add (ة)


التسجيل للمرحلة الابتدائية الثانية

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