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"There is no big key in your bag."

Translation:لَيْسَ هُناك مِفْتاح كَبير في شَنْطَتَك.

July 2, 2019



The diacritics are wrong in the last word, which is ironically not even originally Arabic.


Doesn't seem like they're going to fix it.


I don't understand, "شَنْطَتَك", is not actual arabic, but a variation from Egypt or the gulf countries, the actual arabic word for bag is "حقيبتي (Haqibati)". I also noticed a lot of words follow the same trend.


It's not called "real" or "fake" Arabic; the dialects are equally real. But anyway, the course makers aren't going for pure MSA, they're trying to create a mix between MSA and dialect that they deem will make you more easily understood in conversation.

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