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  5. "اَلْصَّحيفة"


Translation:the newspaper

July 2, 2019



In Arabic the sun letters are, ت ث د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ل ن. When these letters follow the definite article Al, the "l" isn't pronounced, but the initial constant is doubled. That is why "اَلْصَّحيفة" sounds like "assahifa" and not "alssahifa." The moon letters are أ ب ج ح خ ع غ ف ق ك م ه و ي. The definite article "Al" is pronounced fully after one of these constants proceeds it. Example "القمر" (the moon, is pronounced al-Qamr).


My favorite part is that you used the word for the moon as an example for the sun letters. :D


can also mean 'the journal'

  • 1815

I hear "assahifa" instead of "alssahifa"


that is correct. Sometimes the al is not pronounced exactly as written - it becomes a + stress on the first consonant of the indefinine word, so it would be assa7iifah

The rule is: it depends on the consonant letter. Some letters are called 'solar letters' (you do not pronounce the 'l' in al, and stress the letter instead) and some are lunar letters (you pronounce the al)


Any tips on learning these two groups of letters?


Now that is a helpful reply.


Samsoniteboi these letters are all pronounced with the tip of your tongue, the same way the letter "L" is pronounced with the tip of your tongue.

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