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"this milk"

Translation:هٰذا الْحَليب

July 2, 2019



when do we use el halib or halib???


8dexgqAn, (1) we use el halib when we want to make it definite (معرفة), ie. ال doesn't always mean "the" in English but we know which halib is exactly, and (2) we use halib when it is indefinite (نكرة), ie. we don't know which halib is exactly.


The milk no? this is the milk?


Just "this milk". Without the definite article, it means "This is milk". (Remember that Arabic doesn't use a verb in the present for "is"; the definite article is often used to clarify when you're using a noun predictively like in "This is milk" or attributively like in "This milk".)


Whats the difference between حَلِيْب and لَبَنٌ


Dinda963731, salaam!

1) Haliib حليب : it is when we take/extract it directly from the animals, such as dairy cows.

2) Laban لبن : it is haliib after some processing (a product of Food Technology), ie. Yoghurt.


What's the difference between حَلِيْب and لَبَن

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