"a garage and a house"

Translation:كَراج وَبَيت

July 2, 2019

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How do you know there is an "a" before either word? Literally, this is garage and house" Also, what is the -un sound?


-u- is a suffix of the nominative case, -n is about of the indefinite article.

It's all about MSA (the oficial language), not about real dialects.


Arabic cases: Definite: Nominative: -u Genitive: -i Accusative: -a Indefinite: The same but with an "n" attached at the end.


You know there's an 'a' by the thing that looks like a 'g' with an accent on it, it becomes part of the word


ح sounds as g?


I need Tamil language


This is why Duolingo is so shit. They expect you to know words, and meanings. There isn't even a list of words to learn for each new level. Pathetic, honesty.

The only reason I have been ok is because I already know how to read arabic including harakat and know some words and grammar.

I thought this would help challenge me and advance but it doesn't seem like it will. Pity.


Don't know the meaning of arabic words


Garage should be مرآب not جراج


Spell it out in your head, what does مرآب sound like versus جراج? (Personally, i hear mraaab in what you said (could be wrong)) but that last letter in yours is a B. Whereas, Jaraaj sounds more like garage. After some research, مرآب stands for parking lot, not garage.

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