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"فِلَسْطين مَكان مُتَنَوِّع وَتاريخِيّ."

Translation:Palestine is a diverse and historic place.

July 2, 2019



فلسطين بلدٌ متنوعٌ وتاريخي.

yup, better...


Well, way to piss off all the Israelis and Zionists lol... On a separate note, is there a rule that "makaan" should not be used to refer to a country, instead of "balad"?


The word makaan would be used as the word"place" but balad balad would be used as a country so no you cant use the word like that.


but a place can refer to pretty much anything in English, I wouldn't mind calling Russia a place, is the same not true for Arabic?


Makaan means place note country nor balad!


Palestine is not a country...


Too bad, Palestine only exists on Duo


Shut up hindutva twat, go see indian stamps about Palestine and cry more little b*tch


You are very stupid... The name Palestine has existed since the time of the Roman Empire, and the Arabs have decided in recent centuries that it refers to them. (If it looks bad, I used Google Translate)


Complete endings:

فلسطينُ بلدٌ متنوِّعٌ وتاريخيٌّ.

FilasTiin(u) balad(un) mutanawwi3(un) wa taariikhiyy(un).


Any moderator to deal with the non linguistic comments?


That would be great, it's really annoying, whatever your opinion is!


Just came here to read the comments #VIVALAPALESTINE


I can understand that whoever wrote this sentence was very pro Palestine, and thats ok, becuase freedom of speech and so on. (duolingo works with people who want to teach there language) However facts need to be facts, you cant teach people a language by forcing them to learn something that its not true. just saying.


What are you on about... It's a perfectly useful sentence and I don't even understand which part wouldn't be true (not that it matters - my teacher is not named George and my house isn't blue, I still learn the words...)


and let us not get started about pretty fall and disliking hot days... yet we learn


and about George having work with a cat and me not knowing a lion


Historic for all the Two thousand years old Synagogues in that place


Why do some country names start with ال, and others don't?


It is pretty similar to whether we use "the" or not for naming countries in English. It is irregular.


Just to add to the conversation, it also happens in Spanish with "El Perú", for example, while we don't say "La España" or "El México"...


Either use the word country with Palestine or remove the sentence


Why? It has never been a country. The land has been Israel for nearly 3100 years.


Palestine is not a country.


Wow so many mistakes in one sentence


You have to use country in the sentence..


Palestine is not a country.


فلسطين مزيفة اكره الناس الذين يحاولون فرض ذلك على الجميع. إسرائيل صحيحة وكذلك دينها


الذنب ليس ذنبك لأنك لن تستطيع أن تخرج من ما تعلمت منذ صغرك حتى الآن. فأنت لن ترى أبعد مما تعلمت في مدارسكم. "إسرائيل" هو اسم لشعب وليس لبلد أو أرض، كما أن ليس هناك بلد أسمها "عرب" ولكن هناك شعب عربي. أما موضوع الكره فهذا شأن أخلاقك وتربيتك.


Diverse place for throuwing gays from roofs and killing innocent children


Thanks to mention Palestine


Unite the Land of As-Shaam!


what a fun comment section


Palestine was just a strip of land controlled by the British, which had both jews and arabs. Arabs are now calling themselves Palestinians to look as if they are the original owners.


Shouldn't it be falastin? At least I thought this is the pronunciation I usually hear when there are palestinians speaking arabic in the news.


In the written Arabic (MSA), which Duolingo is teaching us, it is Filistin. In spoken Arabic, it is Falastin. On the streets of an Arab country, you are more likely to hear Falastin.


This is not even close to being correct, Palestine (which is not a real country) is not diverse at all...


How do you say "free Palestine" in Arabic?


Fulostin hora (فلسطين حرة)


More like falastin Hara lol


Hahaha, comedy at its finest, I couldn’t stop laughing.


You have a typo: اسرائيل مكان متنوع وتاريخي


There is no such thing as a spoiled apartheid israel. israel is famous only for the IDF terrorist who come out from europe and murder innocent palestinian women and children.


ماقو بالار وماقو يشي


Indeed. And this historic place is the promise land of Israel.


Yeah, sure it is diverse - women are suppressed, gays are executed and jews are being murdered. diverse as Hell!


Israel is real Palestine is made up idk how many dislikes I get go on the Hebrew forum and there you'll be out numberd. Israel is an amazing accepting place where it has to defend its self from pig terrorists and anti Semites #zionism


"go on the hebrew forum and you'll be outnumbered" yeah duh? might as well ask france which country has the best wine


you disgusting racist zio-nazi troll, Palestinians are Semites


Israel is a nation name and not a country name.


We did Duolingo even do this?They could mention many Arab countries but chose Israel, the only country of the Jewish people, and the land is deeply significant for all Jews for many, many generations. Why did they have to take sides and politicize this app made for learning languages and bringing people together? They should of avoided this full stop; this is not the place. I am deeply disappointed and hope Duolingo can employ those who do not have a political agenda when it comes to creating courses.


Avoided what? Are you upset that you are learning the Arabic name for Palestine? Are you so sad that it's a word that exists?


The thing is, it doesn't exist. Though I am disappointed that Duolingo decided to politicize the app. Also the root of the Palestine originally comes from the extinct people called Plishtim which translates to invaders in Hebrew. So yeah, its quite funny that that's what they choose to call themselves from 1967 onwards.


The word Palestine does not exist? I see you using it right there


Sorry, I wasn't so clear there. Yes the word exists just like the word Narnia exists, but the actual country does not exist, the place is Israel.


That's funny as cause the Canaanites called the invaders and semi-nomads from northern Mesopotamia who crossed over the Euphrates the "hebrews."


Applause! There are 22 Arab countries but they had to use Palestine obsessively just in order to "stick it to the Jews". In addition, why would anyone write that Palestine is diverse in light of the fact that they execute gays?


إسرايل مكان متنوع وتاريخي ! Palestain no have historic! Fake!


which was the people Samson fought against?


The philistines. Palestine or 'pleshet' was the name given to the area now known as gaza strip by the romans around 70bc, long after the actual philistines were gone, to mock the jews.


just to add, Palestine was given by Roman emperor Hadrian or Adrianos, in the roman time thats true, and he gave it to all the area that was in his control (from turkey until end of egypt now a days) there are maps that can prove it. and he name it by that name because of the people that lived here, the Philistines. very good


Lmao too bad Palestine only exists on Duo


talking about nonexistent "historic filastin" while Ignoring Israel, the real historic place will make one hirtoricly stupid while learning Arabic.


It was Palestine far longer than a short lived and likely mythical kingdom of "israel", we're not taking myths from the bible as historic fact. That would be pretty stupid but stupid is common among zio-fascists.


You don't know History. It was a Jewish kingdom since 1100BC until 134AD with a few breaks. Always with massive Jewish Majority on this land. The other interesting thing is that you claim that there is some "Palestinian" Heritage to this land. Not only that there isn't such but I can also tell you that this land was never the home of any other nation that exist today except for the Jewish people. The sad thing is that many people that read your nonsense might believe in it. Hopefully there are intelligent people using this app to check the facts. On another note, Jews and Muslims or Arabs were not born enemies. they don't have to be enemies, in fact, I think that there is much more in common between us. If you think like me, you would have to agree on the basic right of the Jews to have their independent state in the only place on earth that is historically theirs. All the rest can be easily resolved. Hope you grow from learning and let your hatred go, brother.


No you lying racist fanatic, there were many different people who lived in Palestine way before Judaism actually became an organized religion in Babylon during captivity, many different people lived in Palestine along with the Jewish people and of course still do today. Palestine is much more than the ultra-nationalist, racist, apartheid terrorist regime of israel today under the fascist netenyahu.


Palestine is an invention!
We love Israel !! ❤❤❤


Free palestine it was once diverse until the zionist came and made it jews only. Us christisns suffer now


اسرائیل مکان متنوع


Israel is both a diverse place and a diverse country / state. In Israel you can find all three religions free to excercise their belifs. Gays lesbians etc. In palestine there are no gays nor lesbians nor jews nor other minorities. Just the bare truth.

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Israel is an actual country, and Arabic is one of their official languages, but it does not appear in this course. So much for diversity of thought.


Arabic used to be an official language here. Unfortunately, thats no longer true.


Israel is a state in Palestine.


I got it worng because of the ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ a


In Gaza - gay people are thrown off the roofs. In Tel Aviv - biggest gay parade in the world. now it's your turn to decied witch is actually diverse.


the far left and far right fascist maniacs in isisrael will destroy each other


how is that relevant


Diverse? The ⛪ were send away! Historic? The history belong to israel and the


"Palestine is a diverse and historic place" - Sure it is, Just like Iran and Syria are liberal democratic countries, and fun place to be,


There is no Palestine state. It is authority and not independent. Calling it a state does turn it into one.


How can a nonexistent place be historic and diverse?


It's not 'non-existent'. It exists. It's a state.


Before the occupation , Palestine was a diverse country.

You had Jews , Christians and Muslims living there together.


before Israel, if you check your history books, the area was run by the British and before that.. by the Turks for hundreds of years. At NO time before the State of Israel was Palestine ever a state. This isn't propaganda, this is history.. check it out. Now there are P.A. administered areas, true, both north and south of Jerusalem. If you want to call that 'the state of Palestine', I actually don't mind. There's also the Gaza strip administered by Hamas, not the P.A. The reality is yet more detailed but let's look at the reality on the ground.


we didn't say 'state' - that is a different discussion.

We said 'country' - it is a much more inclusive phrase. You see, a country has a history, an identity, etc...

Oh and btw, when it comes to 'diversity' the UNESCO - which is arguably the most qualified to recognize elements of identity and human culture (relative to this sentence), also identifies Palestine as a 'country' and a state. In other words, it identifies its identity, nationhood, history, unique culture that it OWNS.

Jus sayin...that Palestine is indeed a very diverse country...


Actually you are reading from the same standard book of responses. Palestine as a country was not only the land of the arabs. There were jews and christians etc and the arabs did not rule it. However when you say Palestine as a country you ignore all the other former inhabitants. As if the only history of the Palestinian country is the one of the Arabs. Accusing my ipinions as being standard and originate on some imagenery book that you think exists, and by that insinuating that you are a "free thinker who freed himself from dogmas"is shamefull. I bet you don't even live in this area and all you know about it comes from standard hate books.


Country, talking about same "Palestine" which three quarters of it (75%) renamed to Jordan when formed in 1946, declared war on Israel in 1948, occupying a large piece of land (nowadays known as the "West Bank" of Jordan) and giving Jordanian citizenship to all west bank inhabitants, and when lost it in 1967 it kept claiming the territory till 1988, when it then cancelled the Jordanian citizenship for all west bank residents, thus forming the "Palestinian identity" we know today? What unique history or culture do they have that differs from Jordan? Even the flag is identical.


Actually, UNESCO is not the most qualified to announce the birth of a new state. The area that was called Palestein is there for several centuries, but the "palestinian" [eople exit only from the 1960's. Just like New Mexico deos not belong to Mexico


did you read the bit where I said nothing about Palestine being a 'state' or the birth of any 'new state' and called it a 'country' in fact one that is really, really old?

or are you reading from that same standard-response textbook again?


Before "palestine" there was no palestine at all!


Before 67 war there were no palestinians. All "palestinians" were either jordanians, syrians or egyptians. How can it be that in 67 war, while defending itself, Israel concured the exact area of the "palestine". It is just because pslestine is a made up country and made up nation. And before 67 war there were no Jews in the west bank nor ghaza. Terror gangs were attemting to get into Israel to murder citizens and children. A bit similar to what happens today. There was no peace there. Read real history. Not a made up one.


Is that before the Haganah and Irgun and other (actual) terrorist gangs formed a state overnight a few years before by kicking 'Palestinians' out to massive refugee populations all over the world and then these terrorist gangs joined forces and became an army of an overnight spanking brand new state called Israel?

And before any of that there were Jews all over Palestine, yishuvim infact, Palestinian Jews, always had a home there. You know, since you just mentioned 'real history' etc.


by the way, now it's an even MORE diverse country... except in the PA areas....


It's sad how ignorant a human being can be.


It's all about being ignorant or not!


more like, 'choosing' to be ignorant or not ;)

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