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  5. "That boy is my youngest."

"That boy is my youngest."

Translation:ʻO kēlā keiki kāne kaʻu pōkiʻi.

July 2, 2019



When is - muli loa - used versus - poki'i?

[deactivated user]

    Is this translation correct for the prompt? "muli loa" should be younger or very youngest. And "pöki'i" is a younger sibling of the same sex. Am I getting this wrong?


    "Youngest" what? Youngest child, youngest boy, youngest sibling?


    "My youngest" in English means my youngest child. You can tell itʻs also "youngest child" here because kaʻu is used rather than koʻu.


    Would it also be correct if we left off the ʻo at the beginning of the sentence?


    It would not be grammatically correct without the ʻo at the beginning, but it would be very common in casual conversation.

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