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New Tips and Notes are up for 3 new skills!

Hi there! So I just noticed today that new tips and notes were released for "Are You...?", "Family 1", and "What's Your Name?". Before I noticed today (2nd July 2019), the tips went up to and included the University skill.

So just wanted to say thank you to whoever is writing these tips! I truly appreciate it! If you haven't got up to these skills yet, you can still read the notes on either duome.eu (https://duome.eu/tips/en/ar) or on the duolingo notes wikia (https://duonotes.fandom.com/wiki/Arabic) when I finish adding them to it!

Thanks again to the contributors for making this Arabic course! I'm finding it helpful and enjoying it too! :-)

July 2, 2019

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All tips and notes are now on the wiki :-)

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