Listening exercise kanji/kana mix getting frustrating

Edit: It's probably worth noting that I usually do Duolingo on my laptop computer, and by typing into the fields rather than using the word banks.

I made a post about this for a certain listening exercise:

Simply put, it feels like listening exercises are starting to become more of a burden for me than useful, because rather than practicing my ability to hear, I've found that I'm spending more time trying to guess which combination of kana/kanji the question wants. I could be alone on this but I suspect that I'm not.

In the above link, the question asks you to transcribe 「とり・が・さんびき・います」("there are three birds"). Despite being very short there are a lot of ways to actually write this sentence out:

とりさんびきいます (all kana)

います (all kanji)





Except, as it turns out, only the last one 「とりが三びきいます」 gets accepted. I don't know why. It feels completely arbitrary.

I'm not saying all possible combinations should be accepted - that would be an incredible amount of work, especially for longer questions where there could be tens or even hundreds of possibilities on how to combine kana/kanji.

Rather, I wish that every question allowed at least both the all-kana version 「とりがさんびきいます」 and possibly the all-kanji version 「鳥が三匹います」, so I can feel safe using either all-kana or all-kanji. This way I can focus on actually listening to the exercises and being graded on whether I've transcribed properly, rather than getting distracted by figuring out what kanji/kana composition the question wants.

July 2, 2019


If I remember correctly its a general problem with the listening exercises, something about them being able to only accept one correct answer.

July 3, 2019

Yes, this is true. The listening exercises weren't designed very well to begin with, even though this sometimes causes problems in the much older french course. (In other words, blame the programmers, not the course contributors.) For the Japanese tree, where this is a huge issue, the conventional solution is to resort to the word bank.

However, I think someone said somewhere that this has been solved with the new tree, so that the contributors finally can add the missing solutions. I don't know if this is true or a misunderstanding, because I haven't bothered to pay attention. [ETA: I now know that this has not been solved, but I can't seem to find the post where one of the contributors say so.] Usually I try to do it all in kanji, and if it doesn't work I turn to the word bank unless I remember what I was expected to write. But usually the audio issues will force me to click on "Can't listen right now" before I get back to the failed exercise.

July 3, 2019

This problem seems to have been alleviated somewhat in the new tree. I use an IME and haven't encountered this since restarting on the new tree. I'm at Direction 2 so I'm decently far in.

I do however keep running into issues with listening exercises with no audio at all however.

July 5, 2019

Yeah, it's a technical limitation I guess. But I'm not sure why you say only two extra answers should be allowed, as at this point I never get answers marked wrong that are right in the normal questions.

July 5, 2019
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