"كَري وَبوب"

Translation:Carrie and Bob

July 2, 2019

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The font needs to be TWICE the size on the computer and THREE times the size for mobile devices. I can barely guess (not read) any of the diacritacle marks. e.g. is that a "ba" or a "ya"?


I'm with you there. People learning Arabic need a larger font. You can increase the size of the words by pressing ctrl +. Ctrl 0 will bring the screen back to normal size.




On an android phone? They are so microscopic I literally have to peer through a magnifier to see it.


I agree with you, but unfortunately thats the typical size which youll see Arabic written on screens or printed... Maybe the course designers made it that way to get us used to it, but I for one agree and think it would help me learn better to have the text printed a bit larger!


Yes please, I mean we give children larger print when learning English, so why not learn Arabic in a larger font?


Good news! My app shows much larger fonts! Thanks Duo!


Is there a space between وَ and بوب?


I'll answer this for you kuyaC and I'll up vote your question because people should not be down voted for asking questions that have not already been asked and answered in a thread. Please delete the last comment that you made, though. There is no place for abusive language on these forums.

There is no space between "and" and "Bob". The word "and" in Arabic is attached to the word that follows it. In a couple of dialects, like Lebanese, a space is left between the words, however.


Top. I wish I could finally figure out how to give lingots with the app. Reckon you should have at least 100 lingots for this answer :)


They aren't teaching names, they are using approximate names to teach us the sounds of the alphabet. The names are a mnemonic to help us remember the sounds of the alphabet. It works quite well if you just go with it and learn the sounds without worrying about spelling of English names. That's not the point. There isn't one way to transliterate a sound from one language to another. Just learn how the letters of the alphabet sound and how Duolingo writes them in English. This is just to get us reading the alphabet like phonics in kindergarten. I've done other Duolingo languages and it works - just trust the process and in no time you'll know these letters and will be reading like a champ. Duo is literally having to teach us to read before we can start learning the language, because we don't know these letters.


I literally came over here from Irish because of stalking and bullying from a guy who answers questions and who is protecting his biases and insecurities onto me - & he doesn’t even know me. I'm glad things on this language are more regulated! Thank you!


If someone is engaging in stalking and bulling behavior, you can report them to Duolingo. Duolingo will look at the postings, contact the person if they feel the person has broken Duolingo's guidelines, and delete the postings. They will also close people's accounts, if necessary.


The computer voice pronounces it 'pop' not 'bub' which I assume is wrong since there in no P sound in Arabic.


Me, I heard it as "Bob" said with an accent.


Why use these weird names???


You mean "weird" like "Carrie"? They're just trying to teach you how to spell your name. What service!


I agree. With translate.google.com you can try to translate your own name (or you can try to transcribe it if you're a bit more advanced). Mine is جون. I checked it by inserting it in a search engine. Now guess who this person is: جون كينيدي


John translated in Arabic would be يُوحَنّا‎, which is a fairly common name among Arabic Christians.


what if your name was bob or carrie?


It has the advantage of separating (a) the learning of letters from (b) the learning of meanings. Most users probably already know the meaning of the word Carrie, so we need only concentrate on the letters.


Does the former mean both kary and Carrie ? Or anything other ?


Several of the names are transliterated from English into Arabic. Transliteration is often problematic. The both 'Kary' and 'Carrie' could be represented the same way with Arabic script. Duolingo chose to use 'Carrie' for the name in English.


It's a girl's name. "She" happens to spell it "Carrie".


It didn't take "Carrie & Bob". It accepts "Carrie and Bob". 23 April 2020. I've reported it so maybe it'll change in the future.


"&" is not a word, it is a symbol. Do you think Duolingo should also accept

"كري & بوب" ?


I don't understand why bob becomes pop while the letter p doesn't even exist in the arabic language.


do you not type a space between and and bob? it marks it as correct when i put a space but says it's extra


It's too fast.


Kerri ve bub. LOL


I would rather be learning the names of objects rather than people. This feels like a waste of time.


Saying Terny instead of Carrie


This audio sounds so, SO bad...


Sounds more like "Terry and Bub"


I thought it was kariiwabab


Arabic does not have the equivalent of the letter "o". So, in order to write foreign words that are spelled with an "o", another letter has to be used; "و" was chosen. Here, the English name "Bob" is being written in Arabic. Why would anyone translating it back to English spell it "Buub"?


Is it necessary to pressurize on 'ra' in Carrie?


I was marked right but you wrote it wrong


Thanks this helped


Am i the only one hearing "Blob"?


I am Arab, but the method of education is not correct


My answer is Correct please correct this lesson specially Bop


There is problems in word Bob


Mines was marked wrong and i wrote it right! You'll took a heart for no reason


There are only users on the discussion page. If you want to talk to Duolingo employees, you need to click on the little flag after yhe exercise.


They day Terny instead of Carrie


There was not and in the sentence but there was and in the answer


Use more Arabic names


I said "Karie" fml


I am loving this app


Direct translation the sentence will be bob and Carrie, which i thought it was gng to be because in the quiz before this one i typed it correctly in order then it was wrong name first, so what now ?


No, it's always been this way. I'm not sure how much you know about Arabic, but if you are an absolute beginner, perhaps you didn't know that Arabic is read from right to left, instead of left to right. ??? The only other things you could be confusing the word order with is the order adjectives are written when they are next to each, or the order a noun with its adjective is written, which are the opposite order of English.


I don't WANT to skip ahead with the exercises and Duolingo FORCES me to. I have no other option but to skip exerxises and "level up". I have never seen this alphabet before and I NEED those exercises. Why wouldn’t I want them? I'm on an android phone. How do I get out of having to level up? I want to LEARN, not just proceed as fast as possible to gain some meaningless point.


I can't address the apps because I use a computer to do my lessons. On the computer, we are not forced to move on to more advanced lessons. We can repeat lessons as often as we want. Until someone who uses an android phone answers you, all I can advise is to use a computer or the computer function of your phone to access the computer lessons if you're having problems with your app.


I cant get the little lines above the letter

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