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Data consumption of mobile app

How much mobile data does the android app eat up? It will be considerably less if the speaking and listening exercises are turned off of course, but I am still curious. It's just a JSON API I guess, but I have not taken a closer look yet. Maybe someone has?

In Germany, mobile data plans are often very limited and still quite expensive compared to other countries in Europe. Coverage on the other hand is great.

June 9, 2014



I just watched it: in the last 12 days I think I used Duolingo on mobile data twice only. The first lesson took something under 10 MB and the second one something over 10 MB (both with listening and talking activated). Now (=about a week later) I see Duolingo has used over 40 MB in foreground and over 90 MB in background. That is with a data saver for mobile data on my phone permanently turned on. Way higher data consumption than any other of my apps. So I just restricted background data for Duolingo and will see if it helps...


Duolingo traffic is very low. Even with audio practice it uses only around 6 MByte/hour. Doing a ten minute exercise each day, it used about 30 MB per month.

[deactivated user]

    thank you so much!! I really needed to know this.

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