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  5. "Tamer is fast."

"Tamer is fast."

Translation:تامِر سَريع.

July 2, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Remember Arabic has only four non- English sounds

    The letter 3ein/ ع is strange, its like saying "aeyin" but it's like you are narrowing the throat at the first syllable

    The letter 8ein/ غ is like the sound of Perry the Platypus, or a start of the chain saw, it's like the sound of when you gargle your throat but without the liquid, you gargle and say "in", its like *gargle"-"in" and put those together and you have غ

    The letter 7a2/ ح is the sound when narrowing your throat, like a hissing vampire

    Last but not least

    The letter 5a2/ خ

    You make this sound as you are clearing your throat, this non english sound should be the easiest


    These questions are suddenly at a new level - to remember the translation of fast, smart and so on. I do not use an arabic dictionary yet.


    I can't get the difference between fun fast good, but most times i get happy... More practice

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