"I know all the numbers from 0 to 10 in Arabic."

Translation:أَعْرِف كُلّ اَلْأَعْداد مِن ٠ إِلى ١٠ بِٱلْلُّغة ٱلْعَرَبِيّة.

July 2, 2019

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اعرف كل الاعداد باللغة العربية من 0الى 10

او ...اعرف كل الاعداد من 0الى 10 باللغة العربية

كلاهما صحيييييح


Is al-arqām accepted instead of al-aʿdād?


Salsmachev, I have a similar question: I wanted to know the singular of al-a3daad, and asked Google Translate for the Arabic of "the number" and it gave me "alraqm". Same answer when I input "the digit". So could someone explain the difference between them?


tried 4 times and couldn't get it right. still not sure what i did wrong. أعرف كل الاعداد من صفر إلى عشر باللغة العربية. is it the gender of 10? does it not accept it if i spell out the numbers?


we should put the number, maybe because there is a similar words of 0 or 10 in arabic


نعرف كل الارقام وليس الاعداد


Why is this the correct answer?


This is my answer and I can not see what I wrote wrong! أَعْرِف كُلّ اَلْأَعْداد مِن ٠ إِلى ١٠ با للغة العربية


من = from الى= to You flipped them thus it became as if you are saying to 10 from 0 when you mean from 0 to 10


أعرف كل الاعداد باللغة العربية من 0 الى 10


اعرف كل الاعداد من 0 الى 10 باللغة العربية

Your answer is correct I am arabianne woman


I cannot work with the script like this. The letters are not joined they are all. They are ALL initial letters in a string. How can I put this right? -or is it DUO's fault. I can't continue. It makes my eyes bad reading it!!!


This is happening to my screen all the time now, just strings of annoying initial letters. How can I work with that? It's so difficult to read and makes me so mad!!!!


Thisis the same as the answer


I wrote exactly the same thing as thr


I wrote exactly the same thing as the answer but without the vowels though, and i was marked incorrect. Why is that?

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