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Multilingual riddles and tongue twisters

When teaching my bilingual students in English, I liked to use a form of riddle sometimes referred to as a hink pink, wherein the answer to the riddle must be one or more rhyming words. A dirty urban setting for example might be a "brown town' A large hog or sow would be a "big pig"

Because we all spoke German and English I was able to broaden the scope of the riddle to say the answer could be a mashup of German and English. A beautiful pig could be a fine swine, or plural feinen schweinen.

A lazy nocturnal bird of prey would be a... I'll wait for a few replies before I answer.

And then... a Spanish phrase with ciclismo brought on the following tongue twister. Fritz, der viese Friese fils fiets frölich

and finally in Dutch/English What would you call a cold bovine chewing it's cud? Clue three rhyming words.

July 3, 2019



A lazy nocturnal bird of prey would be

A non-toiler-Eule? I'm not entirely clear whether you're looking for one word from each language that rhymes, or two sets of words that rhyme in each.


This would be a two word rhyme German English The answer would sound the same if the riddle in English was, “a dirty nocturnal bird of prey?” I tend to give a fair bit of slack considering possible dialects and pronunciations.

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