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  5. "Je marche."

"Je marche."

Translation:I am walking.

June 9, 2014



Before i was corrected because apparently marche meant working not walking. Now i got it wrong because it meant Walking and not working! How do know when to use which one?

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It's like in English, we sometimes say we left the engine running in our car. In this case, we say "running" but we mean it's on, operating, working. In French, they have a similar idiom but they say that something "walks" instead.


On mobile, it suggests "sth" as one possible word. What on earth is sth?

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That's an abbreviation for "something". I'm not sure why it was suggested here, though.


Huh. Native english speaker, and I've never heard of it before. Thanks for the reply!

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It is only an abbreviation for "something" which you will often see in examples shown in a dictionary.


A lonely road, the only one that I have ever known


Yeah, what do you use when!? Cos apparently elephants can march, but I can't... what?

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"Marcher" is "to walk".


I said mange its so hard to hear this


I'm using a Samsung galaxy 4 with headphones and you can distinctly hear the CH there is no ch in mange :))


ok well done you walked....


its easy not hard


This is confusing - before it was translated as working

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As you probably know by now, many French words are used in different ways and translate to different words in English when the context changes. "Il marche" = he walks (is walking). Ça marche ! = it works! http://www.wordreference.com/fren/marcher


Another problem is that though the same verb can be used to mean marching (i.e. Marcher), it won't accept it as an alternative to "I walk." I tried it.


Why is i marche not correct??

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The primary translation of "marcher" is "to walk".

English spells it "march", not "marche".


i heard that "je marche" could be 'i walk, i am walking, i do walk' is this wrong?

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It's correct.


is i march wrong?


I have reached this point without too many hiccups. Now I can no longer get this program to accept correct answers as correct answer. I nees to move forward. PLEASE FIX THIS !!!!


the present is always I am doing etc.. or I do I have never been taught anything else. It is even in French text books. I wrote "I am walking".

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"I walk" is present. "I am walking" is present continuous.


why is i walk wrong even the answer says i walk


When the male narrator says"marche" it sounds as though he is pronouncing the "e" on the end. It's as though he has an Italian accent. I have noticed this before. This could be confusing.


Some French speakers do pronounce like this. It depends on region, but also on speaking speed. It's far more likely to be used when someone is speaking slowly and distinctly, like in public speaking.


Why is je marche correct and noy je suis marche

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In English, we form the present progressive by conjugating "to be" and then using the gerund of the main verb.

Just like in English, you cannot conjugate the main verb the same way as the auxiliary verb. We don't say "He is walks", we say "He is walking".

But most Romance languages tend to use the simple present in places where we in English would use the simple present or the present progressive.

In French, the present progressive is used differently (typically when you need to highlight that it's happening right now) and formed differently than in English: Je suis en train de marcher.

For now, just stick with "Je marche".


to Rae.F - So does that mean I can only only translate it as'I am walking' if there is a continuation in the sentence?

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How you translate it into English depends on whatever's appropriate. If you're a native speaker, just use your instincts for what sounds best.


PS to Rae.F I just received another notice in my mail. It appears I was correct re writing 'I am walking', and Duolingo just changed its mind.

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On Duolingo, "I walk" and "I am walking" are equally correct ways to translate "Je marche". In real-life conversation with context, use whichever is appropriate.

Also, are you unable to reply directly to me? Is that why you keep making new top-level comments?


Never even noticed this option! I am so busy multi-tasking, and have never really paid any attention to the options, etc. Thanks for focusing me!


to Rae.F Umm, that sounds good to me. Thanks!

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