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Arabic alphabet: chucked in the deep end

I'm really enjoying the arabic course so far! My favourite aspect has been the way it taught the alphabet... in the first few lessons. I'm now in Alphabet 4 and Descriptions 1, and new letters are being added every session but I can't work them out. I think the course would be improved if new letters were introduced one by one, and either with an exercise that is just that letter, then that letter in it's different forms. ***Even better - please add this to the Tips and Notes pages!!!! (as they were in the first few lessons) Much needed!!

July 3, 2019



thank you a lot for your suggestions and joining the Arabic course.


I find the romanization of the arabic alphabet quite difficult to us. I'd rather not use the romanization at all and just use the audio. Arabic looks so different when it is all joined up, is there not a better way to learn.

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