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I'm A Native Speaker of Turkish

I can answer your questions about the Turkish language and you can study with me. Also I can give you some informations about the Turkish culture and cuisine and some tourist attractions in Turkey.

(I am sorry if I did some grammar mistakes)

July 3, 2019



Merhaba! Hiçbir zaman 'informations' kelimesini kullanma. 'Information' sayılamaz isimdir, bu yüzden çoğul şekli yoktur. Bu arada, kaç yaşındasın?


Hello! I live in Ukraine. I came back from Turkey a month ago. Turkey is a beautiful country. I really like Turkish.


türkisch lernen kostenlos


I'd love to have someone help me with Turkish. I feel like this course doesn't really get me anywhere near speaking Turkish fluently. By the way, I noticed you're starting to learn Arabic, I can help you with that since I'm a native speaker (I'm Lebanese). What do you think?

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