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Awesome website for beginners to practice reading manga.

s-manga.net is a japanese site with countless free samples of manga that are very popular in japan, even the latest manga. there are many genres including slice of life and romance, so no it's not just naruto and yakuza speech, you will see normal casual japanese, formal japanese, a whole variety. everything in the 少年 and 少女 categories have furigana, so you don't have to worry about knowing the readings of the words that have kanji in them. you can easily look things up in a dictionary (don't use google translate it's horrible) as you read, and learn those words as you go (along with the kanji that they contain -- imho "learning kanji" individually outside of the words they make up is a waste of time. you will get used to them as you learn and get used to the words that contain them). the manga samples on this site (called 試し読み) are literally only 10 to 20 pages of the manga, which is a great bite-sized piece for beginners who are starting out. not to mention lots of pretty pictures to look at and help you with context. i just wanted to share this resource because it helped me a lot when i was a beginner, and the sooner you start reading (even if it's slow at first!) the sooner you'll become fluent.

July 3, 2019



Thanks, I'll give you my lingots when I figure out how this website works.


July 3, 2019


lol just try clicking on any of the manga covers on the front page! then click the big blue button in the middle that says 試し読み(ためしよみ) then navigate the pages of the manga using the left arrow key!


Aye thanks! T'was easier than I expected!


Cool, I'll be sure to check it out ^-^




Thank you for the suggestion! ♡♡♡


Thank you for your research and sharing.


This would be great for both manga lovers and people interested in Japanese!


Cool, thank you!


Please show more resources. thank you.


Can you recommend some dictionaries, except the Duolingo one?


if you have a phone Takoboto is great. You can even use it offline and it has kanji search where you can look up kanji radical by radical. :)


I only see images


I'm gonna look at it now!


Thankyuu~ thankyuu~


how many of those have you read?


oh and i’d be careful about sharing a site like this on a forum so public and official like duolingo... wouldn’t want someone to report it and get it taken down

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