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"هَل أَنْتِ مُتَرْجِمة مَغْرِبِيّة يا سامْية؟"

Translation:Are you a Moroccan translator, Samia?

July 3, 2019



Why does the text to speech pronounce "tan" at the end of "samia"? Wouldn't you need something like تَن- at the end to make it sound like that?


Tan is تن or ةً . But سامية should be pronounced Samiyah. Because it is at the end.


The pronounciation is weird. And the "tan" at the end is false. Truly written with "t" at the end but this "t" is never pronounced at proper nouns, sometimes you could see ساميه instead of سامية to make it clearer. (I dont like when it's so written ساميه)، but its clear that the ة should never prounced and serves as a female mark. But other common nouns the ة at the end is only pronounced when you try to speak very formal. Ta ةَ Tan ةً Toةُ
Toun ةٌ Tee ةِ Tin ةٍ



It should be يا ساميةُ "yaa samiatu" because of harf nida/vocative particle - if we follow Formal Standard.


It wouldn't accept my answer because I didn't use capital M in Morrocan. Give me back my heart!


It won't accept the correct answer


It is more likely that the mistake you made was one you did not notice. If the exercise involved typing in Arabic, it is likely you spelled a word wrong due to your unfamiliarity with the written language.


I gave the exact same answer but it still doesnt except!!


I give the correct answer but still dont accept!


Twice ive had the right answer and i have still gotten red. Whats up?


You made a mistake that you don't know you made. Look more closely at the words.


Mahgribia could be from the Mahgreb in general, or only for Marroco?


does ( مهربي ) mean "from Morocco" only or "from North Africa" in general? because in Italian when we use the adjective "magrebino" we tend to refer to North African people. and "Marocchino" means "from Morocco" instead.


Got it wrong cuz i didn't use a question mark??


Why does it keep marking correct sentences as false?

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