"How is your family? Well, God willing?"

Translation:كَيْف اَلْعائِلة، إِنْ شاءَ ٱلله بِخَيْر؟

July 3, 2019

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Shouldn't this be, "How is the family" because there is no possesive modifier on the word for family?


Yeah, it should read عائلتك


So here again there's no kaf but they want your family instead of the family. Hm. Maybe it is a colloquial way to say it where the kaf is understood or maybe it's a mistake.


I can't speak to the Arabic idiom, but in English "your family" which be much more normal, while in some languages (e.g. French) it would be implied, so I think it's fair enough as a translation, yes.

The marking should probably be a bit more liberal though.


Too small to read the script


Also a problem with the word order. In the English, well is the first word and in the translation it's the last word

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