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  5. "أَب جَديد"

"أَب جَديد"

Translation:a new father

July 3, 2019



Shouldn't the audio say "2ab-un jadiid", with tanwiin -un? I'm finding that this course is completely inconsistent in the use of the tanwiin. I like that it teaches proper Arabic with tanwiin and all, but it needs to be consistent, or it will end up just being confusing!


I don't think tanween has been taught yet at this stage of the course (at least where I've reached).


Tanween are used inconsistently in the audio, like all final vowels (case vowels). I'm ok with either way of teaching Arabic, either with all the proper grammar or with the "simplified" and more colloquial system of MSA, as long as it's consistent... At the moment the audio of this course is all over the place, inconsistent and often outright wrong.


I think it should be abb-un jadiid-un.


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