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Upgrade your alphabet lessons!

Some of the alphabet drills have lost their edge for me, so I decided to move further, and I advise you to try it out too!

Use the pairing exercises to learn the actual writing - looking only at the Latin transcriptions in those exercises first and writing them down in Arabic script, then checking for mistakes. It turned out to be a whole new level for me - I had no idea how many nuances I didn`t see before!) I feel like it's making my alphabet knowledge stronger, the perception of the written text faster and clearer.

Goog luck!^^

July 3, 2019



Make the Arabic font larger please. It's extremely difficult to read.


this is one of the most needed updates for the Arabic language


I'd also like the option of an Arabic keyboard on-screen. I know there are ways to type using my own keyboard, but I have no idea which letter is where. Well, some are easy, but most are not. Where would one find letters such as DH or th or kh? Not to mention the short a, i, o. Typing is a lot harder than selecting is from a word bank. I try to picture the word I'm looking for before checking the options, but still that prevents me from a lot of possible mistakes (and mistakes are useful for learning!)

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