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"كَيْفَك يا زَيْد؟ مُتَحَمِّس؟"

Translation:How are you, Zayd? Excited?

July 3, 2019



كَيْفَ حَالُكَ or كِيفك either


نعم اختي بالفصحه كيف حالك


Thanks for this, WeronikaMa. But what does حالگ mean? I looked it up online, and got: "related to coal, cosl-black"... I must have got the harakat wrong? Or worse? Otherwise i couldn't find it without being preceded by گيف.


What you have searched is probably حالِك(there is kasra under ل) which means coal-black, otherwise كيف حالُك means how are you? Or more literate translation will be how is your state?


Thank you, kara. This is mysterious. I originally copied and pasted what Weronica wrote into Google Translate. But when I did it today, it gave me "how are you?", as did what you wrote. And for حالُك , it gave "condition". Is كيف حالُك something a doctor would be likely to say?


It's a very common MSA way to ask how another person is doing. Although it would literally translate as "What is your condition?", it would be inaccurate to translate it that way, as that phrase in English does not give the same connotation.


"Zayd" shouldn't be pronounced like that, or they can simply replace it with "Zied".

Plus, it is optional to reuse both the subjective and the modal verb again in the sentence.
Like "How are you Zied? Are you excited?"


Why do they pronounce it mutahamis while there is written mutahamas?


When ِ comes under the ّ the sound is 'e' or 'i' not 'a'.


Thank you very much for the clarification. I was wondering the same thing. So when there is a ّ the ِ always comes under the ّ and not under the letter in this case م when you want pronounce the "i" sound.


Wow, I've been wondering for months now why it's pronounced this way, you just brought my searches to the end. Thank you a lot!


كيف حالك يا زيد؟ هل أنت متحمس؟ That is the proper way in MSA


Is the Palestinian Hamas anything to do with being excited? I suppose not, as there's no shadda?

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